Monday, September 2, 2013


One thing I was VERY mistaken with was shorter hair cuts on a plus size girl. Lets rewind a bit.

I have a twin sister. When we were little we had long hair. My mom would give us cute 80's hair styles barrettes and all. My sister would take everything out and lose it all. Mom finally had enough when we were 5 and chopped all of our hair off. When we were 11 we were allowed to grow it out again. Needless to say I was OBSESSED with having it long after that. All I wanted was to have long flowing hair.
When I was 20 I met my ex; who loved my long hair. So I kept it long, very long, probably too long for 4 years. After our break up to help myself get over it I made the terrifying decision to cut it off. I made the appointment to cut and donate 10 inches of my hair. My hair dresser wanted nothing more than to lop all of it off from the day she met me.
It was quite the event. My best friend, her husband and my sister came to watch, record and get pictures of hopefully me crying. I'm glad I didn't cry. It was very scary for me. My long hair had become somewhat of a security blanket for me which I'm sure sounds absurd. I also wasn't sure that the shape of my face and body type could support a shorter hair style without looking larger. My hair dresser gave me quite the surprise. She cut a little over 13 inches of off. I was surprised at the final product. And in fact now miss my shorter hair.
After the first cut in 2009
Again in 2010 when I went a little shorter! 
This was yesterday 9.1.13 

It has almost been 2 years since my last cut. Mostly because I haven't had time or cash to cut it. Lately I've been thinking that I should keep it long until the wedding? I'm still not sure how I want my hair to be. We'll see. I will definitely share if I do get a new style soon!

Don't be afraid to try a new style ladies! You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Until next time darlings.


  1. I love it short! So cute! You could trim it up and still have it long for the wedding.

    1. Thanks! I loved it short. But I'm terrified to cut my hair since I've moved and I never have spare cash to do so.We shall see.

  2. Thank you! One day I'll cut it again :P

  3. I'll give you a pre-wedding cut!! Memeber I used to trim it for you :P