Monday, November 25, 2013

. The Wedding Post. (Finally)

So the wedding was a week ago.. now here are a bunch of photos!

 Little montage from the night.
 The Groomsmen... excuse the picture quality. 

On the phone with my parents while my ladies get my veil situated. 
 With my gorgeous Sister-in-law/Bridesmaid Tiffany 
The first dance with my wonderful husband! 

I promise to make a post soon. Until next time darlings!

Friday, October 18, 2013

.The Myth, The Legend, The Skinny Jean.

For many plus size ladies the skinny jean is a touchy subject. In fact I have a friend who is of average build who posts about how she can't sport them because she's shapely. Which, to me, is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!

There are a few stigmas that come with the skinny jean. 1. They are hard to get on. 2. If you have any bit of hip, thigh or butt you can't wear them because you'll look like an ice cream cone. 3. Muffin top.

I am not afraid to say I am a size 18 and I haven't worn a bootcut jean/pant in I don't know how long. I LOVE skinny jeans/pants.

My fiance said once, " I don't understand why girls wear those. They are so tight and hard to get on."
Which is information most get from a Midol commercial. You know; where the girl is lying on the bed trying to button her skinnies that now don't fit because she's gained 3lbs of water weight. Hilariously untrue.

They are not a one size fits all kind of deal.
I think you know where I'm heading with this. Always ALWAYS try things on! Know your size!

90% of the problems ladies have with the skinny is fit. Everything else is personal preference. 

Excuse the reuse of this picture!

As you can see no muffin top. No squeezing at the waist. I don't think I look like a tasty summer treat. 
I'm not saying you should wear something you aren't comfortable with... but at least try it on. I didn't think I would like them. Look at me now.

I hope I can help convert a few of you timid bootcut supporters out there. 
Feel free to let me know about your experience with skinnies - why you like or dislike them. 

Until next time darlings!

Monday, September 16, 2013

.The Outfit That Landed It.

For some time I've been looking for a more professional, more fulfilling full time job.

I was scheduled for an interview today at 11AM. For three days I've been trying to figure out what I would wear. I didn't want to use outfits from interviews past. So while lying awake for a period Sunday night it came to me.

I love everything about this. It's comfortable and flowy enough while still being professional and slimming.

Blouse, pants and cami are Forever21
Sweater is Dressbarn
Flats are Massimo/Target

And guess what? I start next Monday! Thank you adorable outfit! I felt great and confident and it showed! 

Until next time my darlings!

Monday, September 2, 2013


One thing I was VERY mistaken with was shorter hair cuts on a plus size girl. Lets rewind a bit.

I have a twin sister. When we were little we had long hair. My mom would give us cute 80's hair styles barrettes and all. My sister would take everything out and lose it all. Mom finally had enough when we were 5 and chopped all of our hair off. When we were 11 we were allowed to grow it out again. Needless to say I was OBSESSED with having it long after that. All I wanted was to have long flowing hair.
When I was 20 I met my ex; who loved my long hair. So I kept it long, very long, probably too long for 4 years. After our break up to help myself get over it I made the terrifying decision to cut it off. I made the appointment to cut and donate 10 inches of my hair. My hair dresser wanted nothing more than to lop all of it off from the day she met me.
It was quite the event. My best friend, her husband and my sister came to watch, record and get pictures of hopefully me crying. I'm glad I didn't cry. It was very scary for me. My long hair had become somewhat of a security blanket for me which I'm sure sounds absurd. I also wasn't sure that the shape of my face and body type could support a shorter hair style without looking larger. My hair dresser gave me quite the surprise. She cut a little over 13 inches of off. I was surprised at the final product. And in fact now miss my shorter hair.
After the first cut in 2009
Again in 2010 when I went a little shorter! 
This was yesterday 9.1.13 

It has almost been 2 years since my last cut. Mostly because I haven't had time or cash to cut it. Lately I've been thinking that I should keep it long until the wedding? I'm still not sure how I want my hair to be. We'll see. I will definitely share if I do get a new style soon!

Don't be afraid to try a new style ladies! You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome!

Until next time darlings.

Monday, August 19, 2013

.Black Isn't Always Slimming.

Being a plus sized lady since before I was even really a lady, I was lured into the world of black clothing. Myths like "it's slimming" and "it hides all of the parts you don't want people to see". I was completely blinded. In the dark; I guess you could say for pun's sake.

This was in fact part of the reason I was a tomboy. Other than that I'd rather play with cars and build things. It was just easier to cop out and wear black tees and ill-fitting bootcut jeans. So I slumped my way all over thinking I'd look thinner in my cloak of dark clothing.

Would you like to know what truly slims you? (Other than actually losing all the curves)


Fit! Of course! How could I be so silly? It's so freakin' simple! Well you see; I have never been a fan of shopping. I know that sounds completely insane. I've always loved clothes, shoes and make up...just not on myself. I wasn't thin and attractive enough for all of that. I left it up to the skinny girls. 

How foolish I was. 

So as I've mentioned in a previous post I "What Not to Weared" myself. I made up my mind. I was going to go shopping and try everything I liked on in multiple sizes. That was the first time I realized that I shouldn't be upset about what size I wear. It's going to vary between different stores and brands. And if I'm wearing the right one I look damn good! Why didn't anyone explain this to me before?! No one explained it to me because no one really knew. 

I didn't like talking about my size. From age 13 I was made to feel ashamed of it. I couldn't understand because my older brother was not a small guy, yet no one was telling him he couldn't have sweets. He was a growing boy after all. And my twin is 6 sizes smaller than I am. 

That's a hard lesson to learn on your own... and a long one. I was in my mid 20's by the time I had this epiphany. 

I can't say it enough ladies. TRY THINGS ON! Everything! You won't regret it! Trust me. Don't let any bad memories, or the fact that it might take longer than you want to find the perfect garment stop you. You WILL find it. And you WILL look FABULOUS. I have faith in you! 

So shed those a-line, boxy, black frocks and go buy something bright and gorgeous that will show off how beautiful you really are!

Until next time darlings.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

.Goin' to the Chapel.

I am in wedding panic mode!
My wonderful fiance and I are tying the knot in November. We have had a few hiccups getting to the big day. After moving here from Texas it took much longer to get back on my feet than I'd planned. And as those who have been through a financial drought know... it takes twice as long to bounce back.
We don't want that to get us down. People have purchased plane tickets and booked places to stay. We've gone too far to change the date now. And we don't want to! We've got a venue that is small and will be easy to decorate. My best friend is marrying us. Decor will be easy to accumulate. Jars, tealight candles, string lights and shear fabrics. We are making our own food and cake. It's going to be very low budget and sort of vintage inspired.
My biggest problem... I HAVE NO DRESS!
I went snooping through amazon and found an adorable boutique. They basically make your dress for you for under $200. Only draw back for me? Shipping is $57. I'm hoping I can save up enough to order one in with in the next month. OR maybe I can find a white or ivory cocktail dress at a store. Who knows!

Here's a peek at what I loved!

The last one is my favorite!
Tell me what you think! And let me know if you know where I can find a good plus size white or ivory vintage inspired dress.
All of these dresses are from Remedios Boutique

Until next time darlings. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

.Have I mentioned I'm a Recovering Tomboy? :: My Battle with Dresses.

One of the most uncomfortable garments in the world to me is a dress.

It's probably all of the shapewear and making sure all of my bits are staying in place that make them so uncomfortable to me. That isn't to say I don't think I look great in them. I can rock a cocktail dress.

In the beginning of my recovery I started accumulating dresses because that's what I thought being girly was. I thought to get in touch with my feminine side I had to wear fluffy, flowy, frilly dresses. I jumped right in. Most likely overwhelming myself. I didn't know how to accessorize or walk in heels.

I also had a HUGE problem feeling sexy. For a long time I dated someone who didn't appreciate my body. Which in turn made me not appreciate myself. I know that's stupid and from the outside it could have easily been said "Why didn't you just break up with him?" I was young and he was my first boy friend and I would have given anything for him to love me. Eventually he and I parted ways. After a month or two of trying to figure out what I did wrong I woke up!
I decided to (what I call) 'What Not To Wear' myself. I tossed a lot of my wardrobe and started a new. I found out that I am sexy and I don't need anyone to confirm that for me. As long as I know it who cares about anyone else. If it looks good and feels good wear it!

Here's another realization: You don't need to wear dresses to feel girly OR to be dressed up!
That doesn't mean you have to wear a Hilary Clinton pant suit either. There are plenty of adorable outfits just waiting to be pieced together! 

 Excuse the poor picture quality. It's a couple of years old. 

This was the outfit I wore to sing in my best friend's wedding. I prefer to wear pants to dress up in the summer time. They eliminated that uncomfortable but all too familiar embarrassing thigh sweat.

The entire outfit pants, blouse and jacket are from Torrid 
The teal leather 5 inch wedges are Charlotte Russe 
So just because you may not enjoy wearing dresses...don't assume there's no hope for your girly side.
I'll continue to search for my comfort zone in the dress realm and let you know how it works out!

Until next time darlings.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

.Date Night : Keepin it Cas.

A little casual date with my fiance.

You don't have to get fancy for every date.However, sometimes he might like to see you in more than a cut up band tee and jeans. (I'm pretty notorious for cutting the collar off of my crew neck tees.)Moving on!

Excuse how flushed I am. It was like walking out into hell that day!

Top to bottom : The cardigan is Apartment 9 from Kohls $15, Tank under is from Target $10, Olive skinnies from Forever21 $19 and the little sandals are just some cheapies from Payless $10.

Until next time darlings.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

.Why hello there face and hair!.

Here's a little tour of my make up routine. I left some pictures out... but you'll get the point.

The first picture is obviously me in all my uneven skin tone glory.
The first thing I apply is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It helps my foundation spread evenly AND it makes my skin feel AMAZING.
After I apply my foundation I used a little more foundation as a concealer. The key is to dab it into the area you are trying to cover. Don't smear! You'll just waste your foundation!
Next I use a nude tone eyeshadow as a powder concealer. (Just because I have some pretty dark circles.)
After that I suck in my cheeks like a fish and apply my bronzer from temple to dimple. DON'T GET CRAZY! A little goes a long way.
Next comes rouge on the apples of the cheeks...again, a little goes a long way.
Then a nice even coat of mineral veil with a light fluffy brush.
I usually do some sort of smoky eye. There are a few ways to go about it.
The colors I chose were Bare Minerals Sex Kitten (brown) and Mango Smoothie (light orange).
First I applied the Sex Kitten to the crease and outer part of the lid, down to the lashes.
Then I started Mango Smoothie from the inside of the lid and blended it with the darker color in the middle.
I like to put my liner on before I do my high lights just because I touch the outer corner of my eye to put it on. So liner, then I use a light highlight on the inner, outer corners and just under my brow.
Mascara is always last! I'm messy and get powder all in my lashes so I save that for last.

To finish up my look I borrowed my wonderful sister-in-law's red lipstick and revisited my favorite pinup hair style. 
The suicide roll
 Here's the finished product!
 I can't describe how to do the suicide roll because I had to modify it for the ridiculous length of my hair. I will post a youtube link to a GREAT tutorial by Karmin!

I know my makeup routine seems a little bit tedious BUT once you've got it down it takes no time at all. I can get my face together in 10 minutes!
My hair? Well darlings that is a different story!

Until next time darlings!

Monday, July 15, 2013

.Plus Size (Doesn't) = No Size.

It took me far too long but I learned that the first step in finding cute fashionable plus sized clothing is embracing your size. It can be exhausting. Trust me. I'll be the first one to say I dislike going clothes shopping. Especially with my smaller framed friends. I am however, getting over it.

Also you aren't going to be the same size in every store. Once you've got that down and reserve some patience you're golden. I do prefer to online shop. "How do you know what size you wear?" you say.
SIZE CHARTS! They are your friend! It's also good to know your measurements. Or if you'd rather not go through all that, head down to which ever retailer you prefer and be prepared to have to hunt.

Here is an example of what persistence can do.
I had a wedding to go to that I didn't seem to have the right dress for. I also didn't have time to order anything online. So my sister and I headed down to our local Target. I went in with a negative attitude because I've rarely been able to find something in my size there that didn't look like it came out of a 50 year-old's closet. (No offense to my middle aged ladies)

It took quite a bit of searching and many trips to the dressing rooms. I had just about given up! But I love this dress! I also love pairing kelly green and purple. When I wear this to an event where I know I'll be standing the purple heels are replaced with a super comfy pair of black peep-toe wedges.
This dress is a Double X -Xhilaration (Target). The belt is from Torrid. The shoes are Massimo (Target).

So when heading to the mall keep calm, look thoroughly, TRY THINGS ON!

Until next time darlings!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

.From 'Just chapstick' to 'Where the hell do I put all of this?'.

Today we're going to visit my makeup collection. You're excited I can feel it! 

      When I was in high school and for a couple of years after I only wore foundation and chapstick. I know. Even saying it grosses me out! 

      I did learn an unfortunate embarrassing lesson in the middle of second period my sophomore year in high school. I Lyndsy Hartmann have sensitive skin. It's OK, you can put your tissues away. I learned how to deal with it. 

     So I at the time used Max Factor foundation...the kind that you wet with a sponge. So I was sitting in Spanish class with my friend Emily. She turned around and asked if I had a fever. A fever? Well the left side of my face seemed pretty warm. I assumed that was because I was resting it in my hand. Soon warm went to burning hot. I pulled out my compact. The entire left side of my face was MASSIVE and bright red! As the class ending bell rang I covered my face with a notebook and ran to the nurses office. By the time my mother got to me my whole face was burning. 

      The doctor said I had very sensitive skin and could only use hypoallergenic makeup if any at all. There wasn't much on the market back in 2000. That I knew about anyway. 

      When I was 21 I was introduced to Bare Minerals. Though it can be expensive, the coverage is really like no other. I have uneven olive toned skin. I've had more women tell me in recent years that I have a lovely complexion. 

      If they only knew! 

     Now I'm not saying I only use Bare Minerals. I have been a very loyal Almay and Cover Girl customer as well. When used correctly it doesn't matter how expensive or inexpensive your makeup is. Just use what looks good for you and wuuurrrk! 

I think it may be time to upgrade. This makeup tri-fold bag is five years old. My collection is starting to outgrow it. 

Here we go... Bottom row from left to right : Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, BM Fruit Cocktail Rouge, (Shadows)Vanilla sugar (I use as a concealer), Soul Sister, Soul, Cashmere, Mango Smoothie

Row 2: Cover Girl Tru Blend 405, Dream Bouncy Blush,  (BM Shadows) Sex Kitten, Azure, Soiree, Denim, Blaze

Row 3: BM Shadows: Banana Smoothie, Flaminco, 1970's

Row 4: Hard Candy Bronzer, Almay Bold Nudes Palette, Almay Smoky-i Palette, Kat Von D True Romance Palette and Maybelline Vanilla (which is my highlight.)

There it is ladies. You can never have enough makeup!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

.Ten Years Ago.

When I was 18 you would never have been able to convince me that at 28 I'd have a closet full of cocktail dresses and 27 pairs of heels.

At 18 I had more sneakers than pants. I lived in jeans and baggy t-shirts (some of which were tye dye). I know. I know!

I couldn't figure out make up to save my life! My hair was always snatched up tight. I mean guys weren't exactly knocking down my door. I was often lost in my group of guy friends. 

By the time I was 25 I was being asked to do friends make up and hair for weddings and social gatherings. In fact; I did my best friend and all her bridesmaid's make up the day of her wedding. 

I feel like I've come pretty far. But really I'm still a good distance away from being girly. 

So join me on my path of recovery from tomboy-hood. 

Here's a little progression for you...excuse my face in the middle two pictures! 

From left to right...

My 18th birthday, age 21, age 26 and a good make up shot at age 26. 

Prepare yourselves for outfit, make up and (my new obsession) nail polish pics.

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