Monday, July 15, 2013

.Plus Size (Doesn't) = No Size.

It took me far too long but I learned that the first step in finding cute fashionable plus sized clothing is embracing your size. It can be exhausting. Trust me. I'll be the first one to say I dislike going clothes shopping. Especially with my smaller framed friends. I am however, getting over it.

Also you aren't going to be the same size in every store. Once you've got that down and reserve some patience you're golden. I do prefer to online shop. "How do you know what size you wear?" you say.
SIZE CHARTS! They are your friend! It's also good to know your measurements. Or if you'd rather not go through all that, head down to which ever retailer you prefer and be prepared to have to hunt.

Here is an example of what persistence can do.
I had a wedding to go to that I didn't seem to have the right dress for. I also didn't have time to order anything online. So my sister and I headed down to our local Target. I went in with a negative attitude because I've rarely been able to find something in my size there that didn't look like it came out of a 50 year-old's closet. (No offense to my middle aged ladies)

It took quite a bit of searching and many trips to the dressing rooms. I had just about given up! But I love this dress! I also love pairing kelly green and purple. When I wear this to an event where I know I'll be standing the purple heels are replaced with a super comfy pair of black peep-toe wedges.
This dress is a Double X -Xhilaration (Target). The belt is from Torrid. The shoes are Massimo (Target).

So when heading to the mall keep calm, look thoroughly, TRY THINGS ON!

Until next time darlings!


  1. suh cute!!! Your hair is rapunzel-esque!

    1. Hehe thank you! I couldn't have done it without ya!