Tuesday, July 16, 2013

.Why hello there face and hair!.

Here's a little tour of my make up routine. I left some pictures out... but you'll get the point.

The first picture is obviously me in all my uneven skin tone glory.
The first thing I apply is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It helps my foundation spread evenly AND it makes my skin feel AMAZING.
After I apply my foundation I used a little more foundation as a concealer. The key is to dab it into the area you are trying to cover. Don't smear! You'll just waste your foundation!
Next I use a nude tone eyeshadow as a powder concealer. (Just because I have some pretty dark circles.)
After that I suck in my cheeks like a fish and apply my bronzer from temple to dimple. DON'T GET CRAZY! A little goes a long way.
Next comes rouge on the apples of the cheeks...again, a little goes a long way.
Then a nice even coat of mineral veil with a light fluffy brush.
I usually do some sort of smoky eye. There are a few ways to go about it.
The colors I chose were Bare Minerals Sex Kitten (brown) and Mango Smoothie (light orange).
First I applied the Sex Kitten to the crease and outer part of the lid, down to the lashes.
Then I started Mango Smoothie from the inside of the lid and blended it with the darker color in the middle.
I like to put my liner on before I do my high lights just because I touch the outer corner of my eye to put it on. So liner, then I use a light highlight on the inner, outer corners and just under my brow.
Mascara is always last! I'm messy and get powder all in my lashes so I save that for last.

To finish up my look I borrowed my wonderful sister-in-law's red lipstick and revisited my favorite pinup hair style. 
The suicide roll
 Here's the finished product!
 I can't describe how to do the suicide roll because I had to modify it for the ridiculous length of my hair. I will post a youtube link to a GREAT tutorial by Karmin!

I know my makeup routine seems a little bit tedious BUT once you've got it down it takes no time at all. I can get my face together in 10 minutes!
My hair? Well darlings that is a different story!

Until next time darlings!