Sunday, July 14, 2013

.From 'Just chapstick' to 'Where the hell do I put all of this?'.

Today we're going to visit my makeup collection. You're excited I can feel it! 

      When I was in high school and for a couple of years after I only wore foundation and chapstick. I know. Even saying it grosses me out! 

      I did learn an unfortunate embarrassing lesson in the middle of second period my sophomore year in high school. I Lyndsy Hartmann have sensitive skin. It's OK, you can put your tissues away. I learned how to deal with it. 

     So I at the time used Max Factor foundation...the kind that you wet with a sponge. So I was sitting in Spanish class with my friend Emily. She turned around and asked if I had a fever. A fever? Well the left side of my face seemed pretty warm. I assumed that was because I was resting it in my hand. Soon warm went to burning hot. I pulled out my compact. The entire left side of my face was MASSIVE and bright red! As the class ending bell rang I covered my face with a notebook and ran to the nurses office. By the time my mother got to me my whole face was burning. 

      The doctor said I had very sensitive skin and could only use hypoallergenic makeup if any at all. There wasn't much on the market back in 2000. That I knew about anyway. 

      When I was 21 I was introduced to Bare Minerals. Though it can be expensive, the coverage is really like no other. I have uneven olive toned skin. I've had more women tell me in recent years that I have a lovely complexion. 

      If they only knew! 

     Now I'm not saying I only use Bare Minerals. I have been a very loyal Almay and Cover Girl customer as well. When used correctly it doesn't matter how expensive or inexpensive your makeup is. Just use what looks good for you and wuuurrrk! 

I think it may be time to upgrade. This makeup tri-fold bag is five years old. My collection is starting to outgrow it. 

Here we go... Bottom row from left to right : Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, BM Fruit Cocktail Rouge, (Shadows)Vanilla sugar (I use as a concealer), Soul Sister, Soul, Cashmere, Mango Smoothie

Row 2: Cover Girl Tru Blend 405, Dream Bouncy Blush,  (BM Shadows) Sex Kitten, Azure, Soiree, Denim, Blaze

Row 3: BM Shadows: Banana Smoothie, Flaminco, 1970's

Row 4: Hard Candy Bronzer, Almay Bold Nudes Palette, Almay Smoky-i Palette, Kat Von D True Romance Palette and Maybelline Vanilla (which is my highlight.)

There it is ladies. You can never have enough makeup!


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