Monday, July 29, 2013

.Have I mentioned I'm a Recovering Tomboy? :: My Battle with Dresses.

One of the most uncomfortable garments in the world to me is a dress.

It's probably all of the shapewear and making sure all of my bits are staying in place that make them so uncomfortable to me. That isn't to say I don't think I look great in them. I can rock a cocktail dress.

In the beginning of my recovery I started accumulating dresses because that's what I thought being girly was. I thought to get in touch with my feminine side I had to wear fluffy, flowy, frilly dresses. I jumped right in. Most likely overwhelming myself. I didn't know how to accessorize or walk in heels.

I also had a HUGE problem feeling sexy. For a long time I dated someone who didn't appreciate my body. Which in turn made me not appreciate myself. I know that's stupid and from the outside it could have easily been said "Why didn't you just break up with him?" I was young and he was my first boy friend and I would have given anything for him to love me. Eventually he and I parted ways. After a month or two of trying to figure out what I did wrong I woke up!
I decided to (what I call) 'What Not To Wear' myself. I tossed a lot of my wardrobe and started a new. I found out that I am sexy and I don't need anyone to confirm that for me. As long as I know it who cares about anyone else. If it looks good and feels good wear it!

Here's another realization: You don't need to wear dresses to feel girly OR to be dressed up!
That doesn't mean you have to wear a Hilary Clinton pant suit either. There are plenty of adorable outfits just waiting to be pieced together! 

 Excuse the poor picture quality. It's a couple of years old. 

This was the outfit I wore to sing in my best friend's wedding. I prefer to wear pants to dress up in the summer time. They eliminated that uncomfortable but all too familiar embarrassing thigh sweat.

The entire outfit pants, blouse and jacket are from Torrid 
The teal leather 5 inch wedges are Charlotte Russe 
So just because you may not enjoy wearing dresses...don't assume there's no hope for your girly side.
I'll continue to search for my comfort zone in the dress realm and let you know how it works out!

Until next time darlings.

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