Friday, October 18, 2013

.The Myth, The Legend, The Skinny Jean.

For many plus size ladies the skinny jean is a touchy subject. In fact I have a friend who is of average build who posts about how she can't sport them because she's shapely. Which, to me, is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!

There are a few stigmas that come with the skinny jean. 1. They are hard to get on. 2. If you have any bit of hip, thigh or butt you can't wear them because you'll look like an ice cream cone. 3. Muffin top.

I am not afraid to say I am a size 18 and I haven't worn a bootcut jean/pant in I don't know how long. I LOVE skinny jeans/pants.

My fiance said once, " I don't understand why girls wear those. They are so tight and hard to get on."
Which is information most get from a Midol commercial. You know; where the girl is lying on the bed trying to button her skinnies that now don't fit because she's gained 3lbs of water weight. Hilariously untrue.

They are not a one size fits all kind of deal.
I think you know where I'm heading with this. Always ALWAYS try things on! Know your size!

90% of the problems ladies have with the skinny is fit. Everything else is personal preference. 

Excuse the reuse of this picture!

As you can see no muffin top. No squeezing at the waist. I don't think I look like a tasty summer treat. 
I'm not saying you should wear something you aren't comfortable with... but at least try it on. I didn't think I would like them. Look at me now.

I hope I can help convert a few of you timid bootcut supporters out there. 
Feel free to let me know about your experience with skinnies - why you like or dislike them. 

Until next time darlings!

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